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Bola de putos in english

bola de putos in english

Letter X Prima/ Primo Buddy Cousin Comprate una vida Get a life Buy a life.
May you shut up!
Thanks, follow 6 answers 6, are you sure you want to delete this answer?No me mujer busco hombre madrid rompas las pelotas!Source, translation of bola de nieve from the, collins Spanish to English Dictionary.Pardon me What is your command?I shit on the bitch!Idiot/asshole big balled boludo/a stupid big balled escrachado/escrachar (verbo) ashamed te quiero mucho.Spanish, more translations in the English-, turkish dictionary.Chris el marginal prostitutas 2 years ago 0, thumbs up 0 Thumbs down Comment it is really bad but basically says go to hell bastard.Ya pu Ya pues" alright then or let's go Colombia edit Slang Meaning Literal Translation ew Whats up?Sorry, something has gone wrong.

'bola de nieve' in Other Languages.
Damn (when in a state of amazement) la firme true the solid achorado defiant los vidrios see you we vidriate us buitrear to vomit chamba work Pata bro, dude paw asado(a) fed up, angry florear to lie, weave tales to flower roche embarrassed, or shame.
Answers, best Answer: haha I guess your referring to our section.Cuaima Jealous/ill-tempered woman Viper Perico Country's traditional method of scrambled egg Green parakeet Ratón Hangover Mouse Echar los perros To court someone Throw the dogs Lata French kiss Tin Can Zancudo mosquito Stiltwalker Retrieved from " ".Bravazo awesome really wild meter la pata to mess something up put in the foot churro(a) handsome guy/ pretty girl type of food viejo(a) father/ mother old man/ old woman Vaina thing Parar bolas To pay attention Cantaleta scolding Venezuela edit Slang Meaning Literal translation.Órale, wey, we can't be here all day.Contraction of "No, hombre!" (no, man!) Mande What did you say?B bola de masa, more information, similar translations, similar translations for "bola de masa" in English bola noun."veta verga puto, uSA ME LA pela ".WTF or a surprise exclamation.Search dictionary, spanish á é í ó ú ü ñ, switch dictionary, did you know?Sometimes followed by " pues " meaning you are agreeing but not fully pleased.