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Nearby, you can visit the Pampa de Quinua with its 44-m high obelisk, remembering to the famous battle of Ayacucho in the Peruvian war of independence.
However, some travellers report a grita putita number of items of value are stolen from their room in this hotel, and when reported, owners becoming very unpleasant.
Try the chiken of Polleria El Sol.Daily buses to and from, pisco the same well-paved road (6 hr).Basic accommodation is available in Julcamarca and Lircay, if necessary.Hotel La Crillonesa, one block from the main Mercado and just a few from the Plaza de Armas, Nazareno 165.Puesto que aquĆ­ se lo facilitamos.On the way back, be sure to get a colectivo before 17:00, otherwise it may become difficult.In the recent years, some singular activities have come up again.Take a colectivo.Don't eat too many.

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