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Callate puta madre

The euphemisms miércoles (Wednesday) and eme (the letter m) are sometimes used as minced oaths.
Se pegó una hostia con el coche (he/she smashed his car up badly).
Additional Translations puta vulgar (exageración) ( derogatory intensifier ) fucking, motherfucking.
It is considered offensive when combine with other phrases to form a personal insult.Or Vainael diablo coño!In Panama, the past participle engomado (glued on) is also used.In the Dominican Republic, the milder term fullín and the very offensive cieso may also be used." by mina, august 29, 2003).Pajero, or pajillero (one who does paja) in Spain, is a masturbator (wanker) and also can imply a weakling or a fool, due to a cultural association of masturbation with mental weakness.Can be changed to Maldita sea tu madre!In Spain, the word is also used as an interjection, as in, Joder!

Expressions like these are considered more offensive than those previously listed and, surprisingly, are actually condemned as blasphemous even by those who would not hesitate to utter an occasional Me cago en Dios.
That asshole robbed my wallet.
In Mexico can be used as difficult or impossible: Está de la verga!, This is very difficult!
It is similar to tostones, which is a serving of fried plantain slices.Nalga (butt cheek) roto/rota (lit.: route)specifically refers to the anus.Vete a la chingada translates to go fuck yourself.In Mexico, Central and Northern South America, pendejo refers to a stupid person (estúpido synonymous with idiota (idiot) or imbécil (imbecile although much pareja busca hombre santiago chile more offensive.The Mexican Spanish version is very offensive as it means fucker and other insults in English.She often uses it when she reaches (presumed) orgasm.Soused to imply such a but not always able to be directly translated in English.It means stupid or a cheated husband/boyfriend/cuckold.In Colombia it also means diaper.

In the southwestern United States (and northern Mexico however, it often refers to the female genitalia.