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De puta madre preklad

(2 kitchen boys are needed for half shifts) b) Pinche gringo culero ve a busco mujeres desnuda chingar a tu reputisima madre!
" puta " used with other words can change its meaning some words with a at the end can be directed to woman as whore or bitch, usually when the word it combines with is has e or o at the end is made fuck.
In this context it's still used in Spain.Příjemné materiály a dokonalé střihy vyzdvihují ženskost v plné své kráse.De Puta Madre 69 provokativní až urážlivá.DPM Gold luxusní a elegantní kolekce pro muže, kde si na své přijdou milovníci ležérní elegance.Other latin: que pinche es robert solo molesta Robert is a pest/ rascal all he does is bug.In the north of Spain, if the article "la" (meaning "the is added to the beginning of the phrase la puta madre it becomes a high compliment meaning that something is the coolest of its kind (similar to calling it the bomb, or the shit.).(literally means: mom-whore - - chat abbv.: "pm In other words its a spanish version of how english speakers say "Holy Shit" Primero Ejemplo: #1: Puta Madre!

C) In Mexico, it's also used as an adjective to describe something as insignificant, lousy, miserable or worthless.
Prepis, šírenie či ďašie sprístupnenie obsahu alebo jeho časti verejnosti, a to akýmkovek spôsobom, je bez predchádzajúceho súhlasu uvedených autorov zakázané.
Kmenová buňka matečný : roca madre geol.
DPM Privé dámská část je jako stvořena pro ženské pohlaví.But all you really need to know is that that if it is directed at some one it is an offense if at no one or randomly said it is an exclamation.B) In Mexico, it's an all-purpose insult enhancer, which would be roughly equivalent to the use of *fucking* in English.when speaking of a good plan that went horribly wrong: "That was a piňche shebacle!" #codo #punto #shebacle #fuck #shit #piss #damn by Cedric Chauncey Walcot Preston April 28, 2010 pinche unknown pinche in most latin countries is not a bad word only in mexico.Piňche is a strong word with a meaning encapsulating all of the following: wretched, rotten, damnable, no-good, foul, dastardly, despicable, ugly, miserable, disgusting, contemptible, detestable, deplorable, nasty, filthy, etc.It is a vulgarity or curse word, used to lay emphasis on a good or bad situation.Obrovský ohlas ho přivedl na myšlenku rozšířit De Puta Madre 69 do zahraničí.Or to be a pest / rascal (someone who is always bugging people) in mexico: "pinche" puto "worthless" fuck in mexico: "pinche" cabron "worthless" asshole/dick in mexico: "pinche" hombre "worthless" dude/man other latin: roberto es tan pinche no pago robert is so cheap he did.Silent Bob's hetero life mate ) spoke Spanish, he would say *pinche* A LOT.