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Although no documentary account of Gibraltar is available for the period following the creation of Madinat al-Fath, there are reasons to believe that a small fortified town existed in Gibraltar, and that its existence was the direct consequence of the fall of Tarifa in 1292.
68 Rooke was instructed to attack French or Spanish coastal towns, though the choice of target was left to his discretion.
21 In 2014, the Royal Navy deployed HMS Echo (a multi-role hydrographic survey ship) and HMS Tireless (a nuclear-powered fleet submarine ) to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean Region.90 Spanish forces began a siege and bombardment of Gibraltar the following month, causing severe damage through intensive cannon fire."Abstract of Statistics Report 2011" (PDF).21 The Carthaginians took control of the town by 228 BC and it was captured by the Romans in 206.At Middle Hill Battery, guards had to be posted to prevent soldiers from deserting by lowering themselves on ropes down the cliff face.Although Gibraltar was not directly affected by the fighting, the war caused significant disruption.62 The presence of Spain's enemies in the Straits prompted the Spanish king Philip colegiala putita entrega el culito IV to order Gibraltar's defences to be strengthened.Gibraltar was one of the proposed targets on the basis that it was small, could easily be garrisoned, supplied and defended, and was in a highly strategic location.158 The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July 1936 presented Gibraltar with major security concerns, as it was initially on the front lines of the conflict.However, James I successfully resisted Parliamentary pressure to declare war on Spain and the fleet returned to England.

Shore (1883) The problem was eventually reduced by imposing duties on imported goods, which made them much less attractive to smugglers and raised funds to make much-needed improvements to sanitation.
61 After Charles I ascended the throne in 1625, a second English fleet was sent to the region with instructions to "take or spoil a town" on the Spanish coast.
Its purpose is to build and strengthen military ties and to enable the Royal Marines and Royal Navy sailors to "fight and win" in extreme conditions.70 The attack was launched on a combined operation between the naval force under Rooke's command and a force of Dutch and English marines under the command of Prince George of Hesse-Darmstadt and Captain Edward Whitaker of HMS Dorsetshire.Shrimpton was replaced in 1707 by Colonel Roger Elliott, who was replaced in turn by Brigadier Thomas Stanwix in 1711; this time the appointments were made directly by London with no claim of authority from Charles.98 The fortifications of Gibraltar were modernised and upgraded in the 1770s with the construction of new batteries, bastions and curtain walls.120 Two years later Gibraltar served as a base for Lord Nelson in his efforts to bring the French Admiral Pierre-Charles Villeneuve to battle, which culminated in the Battle of Trafalgar in which Nelson was killed and Villeneuve captured.77 Veüe du d'Estroit de Gibraltar et des Environs, avec les tranchées du Siège mis en 1704, by Louis Boudan (1704) The defenders were aided from late October by a naval squadron under Admiral Sir John Leake.