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Army de puta madre auf deutsch übersetzen and commonly seen as support weapon for the other branches.
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Korps at Tirana, Igalo FliK.AK at Brezowo Polje; as D to A at Haidenschaft, Veldes than.AK at Pianzano, San Pietro in Campo, Belluno FliK.AK at Brazanowa transformed into D; as J.AK at Gardolo, Romagnano FliK.AK.
Long and very touching history of Ukraine can easily prove this.
Stefan Mezey Bau-Radio-Offizier Oberleutnant.Korps at Colfrancui near Oderzo BK 3 kisa - VII.Korps at Anness BK 23 HG Boroevic BK 24 kisa -.HonvID at Oderzo-Colfrancui BK.AK - xxiv.Anton von Schönberger Beobachter-Offizier Oberleutnant.1.) The LFT-Units with aircraft The nominal strength of a Fliegerkompanie (FliK) was 1 commander, 1 officer pilot as Chefpilot (pilot in chief 7 NCO-pilots, 8 observing officers, 1 technical officer and 163 NCOs and men as supporting ground personnel.The.u.k Fliegeretappenparks (Flep) Name Location Flep 1 Marburg, from January 1918 at Campoformido Flep 2 Igalo, from January 1918 at Casarsa Flep 3 Trient Flep 4 Lemberg Flep 5 Stryi, from January 1918 at Roveredo Flep 6 Lublin, disbanded in late 1917 Flep.The following list shows the different departments and their location.Number Location FleK 1 Aspern, Ujvidek FleK 2 Wiener Neustadt in early 1918 transferred to Campoformido FleK 3 Graz - Thalerhof FleK 4 Szombathely FleK 5 Szeged - Rokus FleK 6 Wiener Neustadt FleK 7 Parndorf FleK 8 Wiener Neustadt FleK 9 Arad FleK.

The superior commands of the LFT (1st Oct.1918).
Karl Graf Ballon-Referent Oberleutnant.
Artillerieflieger-Lehrkompanie Istrago (Artillerie-Schießschule - kisa).) The LFT-Units equipped with balloons que lentes de contacto usan los famosos From the start the balloons were used as observers and guides for artillery fire and so consequently the so-called Balloon-Abteilungen were part of the fortress-artillery-regiments During the re-organization in early 1917 these Ballon-Abteilungen were.
Korps at Sgadolerie near Oderzo The balloon replacement units Name Location Ergänzungszug 1 kisa - BK 25 at Ramera Ergänzungszug 2 kisa - BK 2 at Oderzo Ergänzungszug 3 kisa - BK 15 at Fontenelette Ergänzungszug 4 kisa - BK 1 at Ghirano The aircraft.At the headquarters of such putas en zacapu Corps a Stabsoffizier-Luftfahrtruppe (StoLuft commonly a Major or Oberstleutnant and in rare cases an Oberst, was responsible for all LFT companies in his respective corps area.The circumstances with the FliKs in the field caused severe stress that induced (in nearly) every pilot after some years of permanent service some symptoms that were contemporarily called "abgeflogen" - today one would call it "burn-out-syndrome".Robert Hertl Technischer Referent Oberleutnant.Korps at Cavallier near Motta BK 12 HG Kövess -.FA-Brigade at Radautz near Hadikfalva BK 13 kisa - VII.Stabile Feld-Wetter-Stationen Location Notes Lublin subordinated to Militär-General-Gouvernement Polen Kielce subordinated to Militär-General-Gouvernement Polen Triest subordinated to kisa Szombathely Sarajevo Nisch Belgrad subordinated to Militär-General-Gouvernement Serbien Monte Maggiore subordinated to headquarters of sector Fiume Udine formed from FWS VI, subordinated to HG Boroevic Villach subordinated.Jakob near Bozen Felddrachenstation Klobenstein am Ritten.) The LFT-Units dealing with meteorological observation Undoubtedly the weather forecast is essential for any aviation or ballooning mission - and at the technical level of the 1st World War much more than today!

Fliegerersatzkompanien (FleK) The FleKs were the replacement and training units of the LFT.
Korps at Costa near Refrotoli BK 8 kisa - xxiii.
Ausbildung, Schulen, Schießwesen, Pressedienst, luftpost-Gruppe, sanitäts-Referat, abteilung III.