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Granados (1896-1968) was a former Colonel in the Guatemalan Air Force who had done a famous goodwill flight in 1929 from Washington DC to Guatemala.
On 16 June he claimed another.32 over the Huesca area.
Degli Incerti saw his bullets disappearing in the I-15s fuselage and he remained behind it, sending burst after burst into it until it began to burn.
Before the escort could intervene, one Ju 52/3m bomber flown by a Spanish crew was shot down.It seems that 18-21 I-15s were involved since its known that three escuadrillas took part in the combat; 1a/16 (Escuadrilla La Calle 2a/16 and Escuadrilla Kazakov (the two last escuadrillas operated from the same airfield near Sarrion) and five claims are known.He did, however, obtain credit for a subsequent "kill" in this same combat.Aleksandr Osadchiy, CO of Escuadrilla Kazakov claimed two He 51 while Tinker from the 1a/16 claimed a He 51while flying in I-15 CA-058.Escort - Escort en toda España.The ensuing combat ranged all over the sky, and ten more I-15s and a third fighter squadron soon joined the battle against the five remaining aircraft of 2-E-2.It seems that Manuel Aguirre Lopez of Escuadrilla Kazakov also took part in this combat but without claiming anything.This prompt action caused the enemy pilot to discontinue the attack, but as he tried to evade Degli Incerti, he presented an excellent target.The shot down I-15 was also as confirmed by observers from the tri-motor formation.

With the flight training behind him, Tinker drew an assignment andros de banda putita dargelo to the cruiser USS.
Tinker pillados con putas was buried in DeWitt.
Granados patrol was jumped by the Fiats, which cita a ciegas capitulo 8 had been patrolling in a higher altitude, and in the first hail of bullets Granados was shot down.
San Francisco to fly reconnaissance floatplanes.Allendes fighter was seriously damaged and chivalrously escorted by Comas it until Allende was able to make a forced-landing in Nationalist-held territory.PRÓximamente iremos AÑadiendo ciudades.Shortly after they were joined by another He 51, flown by teniente Jaime Palmero Palmeta, and caught sight of ten I-15s patrolling well above their own altitude of 4,000m.United States of America, frank Glasgow Tinker Jr Tinker was born on in Kaplan, Louisiana.In the afternoon on 16 February,.32s flew close escort to Ju 52/3ms out to bomb Arganda del Rey.The short-lived grupo was named Grupo de Caza No 16 but both escuadrillas were to operate virtually independently.Last modified 08 September 2016.Tinker ended the Spanish Civil War with 3 biplane victories and a total.It seems that Sergente Maggiore Silvio Costigliolo claimed a I-16 during the same mission since he claimed one of Russian monoplanes (reported as a Boeing) south of Arganda, during an escort mission of Junkers Ju 52/3ms and imam.37 bombers.

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Puedes ver la gran variedad de escorts en Granada putas en Málaga, lumis en Madrid.