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Escort td

In case of incorrect setting of maximum level the voltage can be limited.9V.
For example, apply a layer of sealant on the point of the cable connection, put a thermal contraction tube (heat shrink) of appropriate size and let it shrink by pressing the excess sealant out.
The sensors are designed and manufactured to meet individual requirements of customer as to the fill level, for instance, Escort-TD fuel level units are widely used in underground storage bunkers at petrol stations, railway tanks and other high-capacity containers.
Technical support 24/7, automatic customer support, when sending an order, a Ticket will be automatically created in the system and you will be able escort solidaridad to solve the issue with the technical support staff.
Units hdop, hDOP (Horizontal Dilution Of Precision) name, image Name.All wire connections outside the driver cabin must be securely sealed to preclude any contact between water and copper.RS-485, frequency signal, resolution ability of digital output signal 0,1, frequency signal range 3004395 Hz, inaccuracy for measuring the level not less.In other cases, it is necessary to drill a hole in the geometric center of tank, install the fuel level unit and to secure it with the screws provided.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days: Parameter name, description.
Characteristic nonlinearity not less 1, nominal power voltage 950 V, power consumption, not exceeding 30 mA, ingress protection rating, iP67.
If partition is close, the hole is drilled at a distance from the partition, and is used a mounting hole.Time span between bursts is 62 seconds.Zero level corresponds to the frequency of 300.Escort-TD fuel level unit can be installed instead of the standard fuel gauge with the similar flange which is mounted in a manner normally used for float automotive fuel level sensors in the CIS country.If outputs of emergency level of residual fuel indicator and lamp are used, they can be connected directly to regular wires, if the connector is removed from the regular gauge and securely sealed.Installation of the Fuel Level Sensor in Tank.The fuel level unit converts the level into a digital code, and transmits it via ciega a citas 1 x 27 RS-485 interface.This represents.03 of all AVL Hardware connected.