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Ext ajax request put example

We will set the relato lesbico putita action url and get a response from action.
Encode(dataObj) The above example is the proper way to post json data in Ext-JS (it will be explained later).
I have got a Ext-JS web application which needs to send a group of object data to the PHP server side, then processes and stores them.Encode(dataObj) because both can change the content of the http Request packet to very different.We have also response methods : success: function ( result, request ) var jsonData sponseText var resultMessage sult; fn_AKExt(resultMessage, Success, failure: function ( result, request ) var jsonData sponseText var resultMessage sult; fn_AKExt(resultMessage, Error Then, we write our Action Class.Do not use params: dataObj: Ext.String jsonStr resultDesc tWriter.write(jsonStr return ndForward Advertisements).The interesting thing is when you pass the json string in jsonData, you wont see anything at all in the _post variable.Public class xxxxAction extends BaseAction private xxxxxx po; public ActionForward mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception.Here is my code: bmit( url: layers yer_id rules_property_thresholds, method PUT params: param, waitTitle: "Please wait.OnReady(function function fn_AKExt( message, title ) ow( title: title, msg: message, buttons: ssageBox.var myFormPanel new rmPanel( labelWidth: 180, id: 'myFormPanel frame:true, title: 'Kampanya Tanm Formu bodyStyle padding:5px 5px 0 width: 480, defaults: width: 170, defaultType: 'textfield bodyBorder: false, bodyStyle padding:5px 5px 0; border-width: 0px monitorValid:true, items: xtype fieldset id : 'fieldset1 title: 'xxx collapsible: false, autoHeight: true.This has significant implication to the PHP server side on how it interprets the data.

If you try to do a var_export postdataObj, true) into a file, then you will see the effect of single"ng the string as literal and escaping the double"s, etc.
String startDate (String)tAttribute sd String finishDate (String)tAttribute fd if(startDate!
So I will write the result on the screen as a alert with fn_AKExt function on the jsp page.In ExtçAjax Method we have some parameters: url :?MIDgetReservableType, Our Action to call method: post, Call method params :sd:lue, fd:lue, Parameters!If we want to query something via ajax and show a response on the screen, we can use quest class of ExtJS.Quest( url: p success: function ert Success, failure: function ert Fail, jsonData: Ext.waitMsg: 'Updating rule property threshold.Then, we do some business staff.Ext-JS, assume you have an object, ford escort 99 4 puertas dataObj, which is converted into json and sent it down via Ajax request.The following is the dissected http request packet of the json data when used as jsonData config.