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La puta madre definition

la puta madre definition

Well try to make this page better Important information Word Panda provides you with a huge database of putiteen English words.
Citation needed It refers to a mean-spirited person.
Another meaning is used as an insult, as in pinche güey loser or to describe an object of poor quality, está muy pinche It really sucks.Es Han logrado una victoria para el estilo de vida americano.Hamer, Eleanor Diez de Urdanivia, Fernando.Would you shut your bloody mouth?"Este niño se subio a la bicicleta y ahora su rodilla esta chingada " - "This kid rode his bike and now his knee is damaged Noun 16 for a bad place to go (e.g.15 Burciaga said "Among friends it can be taken lightly, but for others it is better to be angry enough to back." 15 In Mexico, "pendejo" most commonly refers to a "fool "idiot" or "asshole".Where is sierra madre?What does tu madre mean in english?

Contents, overview edit, as in most languages swear words tend to come from semantic domains considered taboo such as the domains of human excretions, sexuality, and religion.
Me cago en tu puta madre!
Es Haré una música de la puta madre esta noche.
Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.It cannot be used as an adjective, like the English "fucking but is often used as a light interjection: Joder!Emphatic exclamations, not aimed to insult but to express strong emotion, often include words for sexual relations (e.g.Es Si, bueno, puede burdell petit ser, pero sabes qué, después de los primeros tres ejércitos más grandes del mundo hay una caída de la puta madre."Ya me traes arto!15 Pendejo is equivalent to the English expression dumb-ass, which literally means, las putitas de garralda "as dumb as a donkey".