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Перевод put into

перевод put into

You're never gonna be without (Never gonna stop, never gonna stop).
Never again a stuffed pillowcase labelled "Yak hair.
Friends visited from around the world and the house was busy.
Faced with a challenge to which I was absolutely unequal, I behaved like a coward.One would need the loo and the other would ask to be taken as soon as the first returned.Eventually, I'd leave, because I couldn't stand.Of all my life's unimagineable scenarios, this was the most unlikely, but it happened to me and it could happen to anyone.

Once moved in, maintain a "family and friends" schedule of visits to keep the home on its un encuentro casual con alguien especial toes.
(No limit to my love, no places I won't go).
Mary puts me in mind of her mother when she was that age.
Their house was crammed with books and things accumulated after years of travel.My father was paralysed, unable to feed himself, and partially blind.Christmas day, when gifts are distributed (one per person) and you don't know which is worse ignoring the event, or pretending to celebrate in a place that emphatically isn't home.I cleared a lifetime of idiosyncratic clutter.Four local care homes were recommended.Stay contactable by mobile phone and see if someone else will go in on your day off.They had generous savings and so I set about finding a good home for both of them.