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Phrasal verbs put examples

I hate men who put contactos de mujeres cuenca their wives down in front of visitors.
Put up - to erect.
To save (especially money/time).C) To put somebody down is to regard or categorize them.I think it's broken.Now it really thumps!Useful phrasal verbs with PUT Image.Put up Meaning : Present, especially in put up a fight Example : That last fighter put up quite a fight.I was put off fish because the last time I had some it was spoiled.We have to put some money aside for our holiday.She makes it a point to put away a few dollars each week.Meaning : Explain or state something clearly and understandably.He detector radar escort 360 put the mistakes down to carelessness.(I can't tolerate the noise any more) We had to put up with their children when they visited.

Put away Meaning : Store, add to ones stores for later use Example : Preparing for the worst, they put away food for the winter.
No longer like something or somebody.
I _ a beautiful dress and my high heels.Put on Meaning : Initiate cooking or warming, especially on a stovetop Example : Ill put on some coffee for everybody.Put down Meaning : Drop someone off, or let them out of a vehicle Example : The taxi put him down outside the hotel.Put out Meaning : Produce Example : The factory puts out 4000 units each day.I put on my old jeans to go for a coffee with my friends.Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Site Map Last Updated.Put out - to publish.Return something to correct place.He _ all the time, I don't know why she's still with him.Find some of them listed below along with an exercise to check your understanding.

(to tolerate is more formal than to put up with).
It needs to be ready today.