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Phrasal verbs put off exercises

Give up sth _ take sb to the police_.
It was too ill and was suffering terribly.
(a) not put me out (b) put me out (c) put you out click here to see the answer.Phrasal verbs exercises by Viv Quarry (m unfortunately, there are thousands of phrasal verbs in the English language and it takes years to learn them all.It was my boss who the story about me being pregnant.Look forward to sth _ locate sb_.Take sth away _ adapt clothes_.Do away with sth _ repeat_.Do with sth _ discredit_.

Take sb back _ make sb remember sth_.
Get sth back _ make sb feel depressed_.
Be with sb _ happen la putita de minisuper (book/film) _ Phrasal verbs worksheet and answers Back to Vocabulary worksheets Home.We have a lovely guest room so we can always _ visitors with no problem at all.Go through sth _ survive without_.We need to _ the party until next month as so many people cant attend this weekend.(a) back (b) off (c) out click here to see the answer.

Get on with sth _ finish_.
James the idea of selling the shares so he should get the credit, not.
I like this cake but don't give me too much or it'll just (me) completely.