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Pinche puta spanish to english

Go out to the fucking street.
Mi coche nuevo va de puta madre.
If you are of age, I'd still like to note that this page does include some very strong profanity and extreme insults.
Don't fuck with me No me jodas Fuck (As in having sex) Joder Fuck me Cojeme Fuck you Chinga usted / Chingate Fuck you asshole (Lit.
Up vote 2 down vote In Chile if you say "pinche" it most likely means hair clip.Pinche is strongly associated with cursing in Mexican Spanish and the very moment you use it gives you away as a Mexican national.What is chinga tu puta madre in English?Puto, puta peyorativo, vulgar (prostituto) prostitute ( pejorative, offensive, female ) whore ( colloquial, male ) rent boy, gigolo ( female ) call girl María encontró a su esposo con una puta en la cama.This is our extreme list of Spanish swear words and insults.This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.(Fucking gringo asshole go fuck your loosecunt cocksucking mother!).Example: Pásame el pinche Pass me the hair clip up vote 1 down vote I am of Mexican descent and have friends from Panama and Colombia that both understand pinche as "fucking." It is not just isolated to Mexico.( UK, offensive ) you cunt!

Cuál es el significado de la palabra pinche?
What is the meaning of cabron in English?
Additional Translations puto mujeres que buscan novio bogota vulgar (muy difícil o tedioso) ( UK ) bloody awful, bloody horrible, bloody hard ( US ) damn hard El profesor de química nos dejó un trabajo bien puto y me quedé sin fin de semana.( UK ) bloody hell Me cago en la puta, joder!Learn to Say Swear Words in Spanish and Extreme Spanish Insults (Contains Serious Profanity - Must be Legal Age).Maria found her husband with a prostitute in their bed.In Mexico, it's also used as an adjective to describe something as insignificant, lousy, miserable or worthless.Un burro sabe mas que tu!Estar de puta madre vulgar (estar estupendamente) ( vulgar ) be fucking great ( vulgar ) have a fucking great time ( UK ) be top bollocks, be the dog's bollocks fumar como puta en vacaciones CR, coloq (fumar mucho) chain smoke smoke like a chimney.List of Spanish swear words last updated: March 11, 2018.