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Put away перевод

Which is why you had him put away.
IV put away smth.
The prime suspect was never put away despite our profile.That's more than a couple of pregnant mares would put away.It's time to put away those foolish ideas and become serious.You helped put away half the crew in Staten Island.She was here in Sleepy Hollow when Mom got put away.I want him put away for murder.He helped you put away.All right, put away your test notebooks.4) put away smb.

I got your life all put away here, nice and safe.
And estadisticas de prostitución en argentina with your help, the police can put away a cold-blooded killer.
You'd be surprised at the amount that boy can put away in a single day.Look where he hid his money, and it te gusta andar de pinche puton can be put away for 20 years.The naval authorities put away the body yesterday.XXI1 1) put away smth.We're taking on this case to put away a guy that killed a Marine.I hope whoever hit Juanita citas a ciegas en denia gets put away for life.Your husband was one of the prosecutors who put away his girlfriend, Erin Wilson.What I did was help you put away a guilty man for brutally killing a young girl.After a hitman had put away her husband, she'd be free to marry her lover.

I have perps that I want to put away.