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Put down перевод

By the time the Special Adviser's mission started, the protests on the streets of Yangon had been largely put como conocer chicas españolas down.
The evil of terrorism has also put down its roots in the territories of the States adopting this joint statement.
XI 1) be put down at smth.Down/ to smth., smb.XXI1 1) put down smth., smb.Down/ or (in) smth.

Englishto put one's foot down, englishto put your foot down.
So she put down some bait and caught one.
EnglishI mean, in America, people buy cars, and they put very little money down.
No episode to put down, no story for posterity.2) put down smth.But for that to happen, you have to put down the knife.V id put smb.EnglishI put down innovation - I've looked marea las putas mas viejas del mundo descargar for innovation cycles in space; I found none.Xxiv1 1) put down smb., smth.

Crime prevention helped to create conditions where development assistance could put down roots.