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put forward español

The shoes are then shipped to the shelters or, whenever possible, personally delivered by Nicholas.
The Lowinger family's garage is full of new shoes that have been donated by footwear companies and stores.
EnglishToday we have only put forward two amendments in the plenary session.More_vert Podczas dzisiejszego posiedzenia plenarnego przedstawiliśmy tylko dwie poprawki.Tony Daniel metaplanetary (2001).Nicholas Lowinger has a garage full of donated shoes at his family's home in Rhode Island.Two years ago, Frencis Velasquez found herself homeless with three young children.EnglishThe Commission has put forward a modest social agenda in response to this.Since starting this work, Nicholas has heard many emotional stories.

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So in 2010, at the age of 12, Nicholas started a program that donates new shoes to homeless children.
More_vert, padły tutaj wszystkie opinie o tym, ale pan Dimas się do tego nie odniósł.
He was excited for the opportunity to show off his new light-up sneakers to the rest of the kids.
Not only were they the wrong size, but his classmates made fun of him for wearing women's shoes.EnglishThe conclusions put forward and the decisions taken are, sadly, woolly and inadequate.EnglishMr Rapkay put forward a number of intelligent arguments which I will not repeat.Forbes, Bryan A song AT twilightwe stared down one another's eyes blankly for a minute and then I put forward my idea.EnglishMost of the arguments put forward for debate in the House have been fair ones.The only difference was, they were wearing old, tattered shoes that were falling apart.17:00 i nie całkiem potrafię połapać się w procedurze.Some direcciones de prostitución didn't have a pair of shoes to call their own said Nicholas, now.Fortunately, the Rhode Island shelter where she was living worked with the Gotta Have Sole Foundation."I wanted it to be something I could do for the rest of my life.".

"I had to decide either to spend money on shoes or medicine and diapers Velasquez said.