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Put on significado en ingles

Te pongo putas sexo oral leche en el café?; you haven't put any salt in it no le has puesto nada de sal; to put an advertisement in the paper poner un anuncio en el periódico; he put a coin in the slot puso or metió or (formal).
We put the money in the safe at the end of each day.
When it comes to buying shoes, I put quality before price.
Put sth into effect/practice Let's give her the chance to put her ideas into practice.She was a sharp-nosed woman with a put-on accent, well adapted to whining.I don't know what the problem is, but we have two days to put it right.Ejemplos, i put this wardrobe together on my putas en san miguel de allende own.Estos ejemplos se han seleccionado automáticamente y pueden contener contenido sensible.For very set combinations look up the noun.Put the book on the shelf.T to move something into a particular place : Can you put the file on my desk when you've finished with it, please?What would you have done?I tried to put her off buying a car because she doesnt need one.Digámoslo de esta manera.; por decirlo de alguna manera.; to put it another way, it'll save you three hours por decirlo de otra manera, te ahorrará tres horas; try putting it another way trata de decirlo de otra manera to put it simply para decirlo.I put my hand into the sack metí la mano en el saco he put her into a taxi he put his keys on the table puso or dejó las llaves en la mesa.

1 (place, thrust) (physically) poner; (with precision) colocar; (insert) meter; introducir (formal (leave) dejar to put one's arms around.
Ejemplos, the visit was put off just the day before.
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Ejemplos, im not buying you any more toys, put it back!Dont forget to put on your coat, its cold in the mountains.Garth Nix lirael: daughter OF THE clayr (2001)She had put on weight, too, now that she was eating a diet more suited to her Harshini metabolism.Jennifer Fallon treason keep (2001).Anthony Masters cascades - THE DAY OF THE dead (2001)Their major drawback was the time they took to prepare and put.I put some more coal on the fire puse or eché más carbón en el fuego; she put her head on my shoulder apoyó or recostó la cabeza en mi hombro; my brother put me on the train mi hermano me dejó en el tren;.It took me ages to put the pieces together again.

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Put off, tiene tres significados bien distintos.