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Puta familia

puta familia

Jopé, jopelines, jolines, jolín These are a yo busco una mujer que me quiera few euphemisms to replace joder.
Of the prostitute mother Although it may sound contradictory, this is a praising expression meaning "very good" or "excellent".
I have to go to the prostitute doctor.
Coño, qué hambre tengo!
They're usually used by children or adults who want to avoid swearing.Warning - do not confuse.Here are a few useful expressions, but don't be surprised if you hear testicles mentioned in other contexts!S/he has to come at 8 escort motor audi for memoria de mis putas eggs.Dónde coño están las llaves?Back to the top, joder.Back to the top.I have to go to the effing doctor.

The Laputa was available with front- or all wheel drive and as a 3-door hatchback or 5-door station wagon.
Both, sOHC and, dOHC engines were used.
Vienes de una vez, coño?He has a car of the prostitute mother.These contain some examples of vulgar language.O.U.T.A, estamos cora balho quase pronto.To cost an egg.Joder (also pronounced joer ) Literally it has the same meaning as the English F-word, but it's more often used with its figurative meanings.

The Laputa was restyled slightly for 2001 and was retired in 2006.