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Puta in english translation

WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Compound Forms: damn damned a damn sight slang, potentially offensive (strong emphasizer: with comparative) ( comparativo, énfasis, vulgar ) la hostia de, un huevo I feel a damn sight better now than I did before.
Damned, damn potentially offensive, slang (awful, annoying) maldito/a ( PR ) jodido/a ( vulgar ) mierda escort lx 94 gnc That damned cat has trampled my flower beds again!
( ES, AR: vulgar ) Me cago en la leche!In more polite speech, the euphemism pucha is used, much in the way people replace fucking with frikking and damn with darn.Couldn't-give-a-damn attitude slang, potentially offensive (apathy, lack of concern) ( coloquial ) importar un pito There's no way I'd hire him with his couldn't-give-a-damn attitude.Qué puta suerte tiene!ES, vulgar ) zorra ( vulgar, ofensivo ) puta, gary's attitude towards women is shocking; he says they're all just cunts.I forgot my wallet.Puta by itself can be used as a curse to express frustration, anger, or surprise, much as damn, shit, or bloody hell are used in English (pick your phrase based on what part of the English-speaking world you are from).No te hagas la tonta; sabes muy bien a qué me refiero!In other languages: French Italian Portuguese Romanian German Dutch Swedish Russian Polish Czech Greek Turkish Chinese Japanese Korean Arabic.En la teología cristiana, las almas condenadas pasan la eternidad en el infierno, mientras que las buenas van al cielo.Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? .note that although both these expressions can be used among friends without causing offense, they are otherwise very vulgar and offensive.

Por antífrasis puede resultar encarecedor.
Jemima le suplicó a su amante que le tocara la concha.
Hombre que tiene concúbito con persona de su sexo.Cunt offensive!, vulgar, slang (vagina) ( AR, vulgar ) concha ( ES, vulgar ) coño cunt pejorative, offensive!, vulgar, slang (disparaging term for a woman) ( AR, vulgar ) conchuda ( vulgar ) hija de puta ( vulgar ) perra, zorra, puta cunt pejorative, offensive!, vulgar, slang.Real Academia Española gives the following definitions for this word: (De.Slang, potentially offensive (anger) ( vulgar ) Mierda!Ese tipo es un hijo de puta!WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Principal Translations the c-word, the c word, the C-word, the C word euphemism (cunt) una mala palabra WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Compound Forms: cunt the c-word the c-word, the c word, the C-word, the C word euphemism (cunt) una mala palabra.No me hizo ni puto caso.

"Damn it to hell!" I yelled, as the ball slipped through my fingers once again.
Grité «la puta que lo parió!» mientras la pelota se me resbalaba de nuevo de las manos.