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Historical and Iconographical Studies by Jacobus Van Dijk, University of Groningen dissertation.
Hence, a dating of the ostraca to chicas putitas bailando sin ropas Horemheb's reign on the basis of the Year change is eminently plausible.
The funerary vase in particular, since it bears her name and titles would hardly have been used for the burial of some other person." 29 Expert analysis subsequently showed that the bones represented part of the skull and other portions of the body, including the.The Egyptologist Rolf Krauss, in a DE 30(1994) paper, argued that this date may well reflect Horemheb's accession where a feast or public holiday was traditionally proclaimed to honour the accession date of a deceased or a current king.Georges Posenerhimself suggested a date in the 19th Dynasty due to the form of the wsf (absent) and akhet ( inundation ) text.Nameservers t t host value ttl pri m t 600 10 host value ttl m t 600 m t 600 host value ttl m Mname: t Rname: t Serial: Refresh: 4200 Retry: 300 Expire: 3600000 Minimum-ttl: 600 600 host value ttl m Txt: vspf1 include:t.Horemheb is believed to have unsuccessfully attempted to father an heir to the throne since the mummy of his second wife was found with a fetus.Ay ; he is believed to have been of common birth."Chapter One: Horemheb, Prince Regent of Tutankh'amun.Horemheb demolished monuments of, akhenaten, reusing their remains in his own building projects, and usurped monuments of Tutankhamun and.Horemheb is a major character in Katie Hamstead's trilogy, Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh, Kiya: Mother of the King and Kiya: Rise of a New Dynasty.

Chief vintner." 24 Meanwhile, the Year 14 dockets, in contrast, are all individual and mention specific wines such as "very good quality wine" or, in one case "sweet wine" and the location of the vineyard is identified.
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Dynastie: Texte der Hefte 20-21 (Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1984.Krauss supports his hypothesis with evidence from Ostraca ifao 1254 which was initially published by Jac Janssen in a bifao 84(1984) paper under the title " A Curious Error.6299 (Year 3 6295 (Year 4 prostibulo san isidro 6403 (Year 6 6294 (Year 13) 6345 (Year 14).T.Geoffrey Martin in his excavation work at Saqqara states that the burial of Horemheb's second wife Mutnedjmet was located at the bottom of a shaft to the rooms of Horemheb's Saqqara tomb.28 Succession edit KV57 : the Tomb of Horemheb The forecourt of Horemheb's Memphite tomb at Saqqara.In Other TLDs, no data.20 The significant fact here is that a Year change occurred in the ostraca from Year 26 to Year 27 around the interval IV Peret day 28 and I Shemu day.Nicolas Grimal,.,.243 "The Great Edict of Horemheb".