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Tactical escort sto reddit

tactical escort sto reddit

NB; I don't know the technical name, but I imagine a spearhead to be a penetrator of front lines - deal a significant hole to the enemy defences, and then bugger out for a while for reloads and another run.
What other consoles are good, what BOff abilities are good outside this ships's specific specialization).
Build Description I'm looking to do DPS.I know a lot mujeres buscan hombres en usa needs to be done in the terms of Offs, both B and D, and with my viii weapon.Like I said above, though this is on a T6 Defiant, I'm looking to get a feel for a portable build as well when a ship doesn't have a pilot specialist seat or has more tac seats.Start captain Name, nathan Myakis, captain Career.Advanced Weapon Specialization, n/A, n/A.I am"ng them verbatim!It's roughly based around different builds I've seen, but suggestions welcome.Jem'Hadar, primary Specialization, intelligence, secondary Specialization, strategist.

T5 Tactical Escort Retrofit -.S.S Aegis / Spearhead/Assault Ship".
This toon is a bumble of me playing this game for the first mujer busca relaciones esporadicas time, so any changes are welcome to make it better suited.
I'm trying to find a decent portable build (and working out good BOff skills for each specialization) that I can easily swap from one ship to another.
Not only is this my first tac.Captain Information, category, data, captain Name, sarek'Tikan.N/A, advanced Shield Hardness, n/A, ablative Hull Plating, advanced Damage Control.44 141 comments, madura busca hombre joven oaxaca enter the Breach!I am converting over to a beam build, and I am about a third or so of the way done.I'm working mainly on a budget (3M EC is my total if any overhauls are needed for equipment, I might take the budget option.N/A, n/A, n/A, commander, n/A, n/A, advanced Weapon Amplification.N/A N/A Advanced Hull Penetration N/A Advanced Long Range Targeting Sensors Advanced Shield Penetration N/A Offensive Subsystem Tuning Weapon Subsystem Performance N/A Admiral Warp Core Potential N/A Coordination Protocols Warp Core Efficiency N/A Defensive Coordination Improved Engineering Readiness N/A Offensive Coordination N/A Improved Tactical Readiness.I am getting really sick AND tired of having GM reports of another player rejected because of profanity.Commander, electro-Plasma System Flow, improved Control Expertise, targeting Expertise.

Space Node Trees, tree, engineering, science, tactical.
Commander, n/A, n/A, advanced Targeting Expertise, n/A, n/A, advanced Defensive Maneuvering.