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Tu puta madre in english

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It can be putas calle alcala applied to people and things: Tiene un coche de puta madre Lit.
To cost an egg.Profesor, eres la puta madre!(Student: That mother fucker.Dónde coño están las llaves?Son/daughter of a whore Depending on the context, tone and how well you get on with the person you're talking to it may be said not necessarily as an insult.Let's stay in touch Copyright, unless otherwise noted.

(literally means: mom-whore - - chat abbv.: "pm In other words its a spanish version of how english speakers say "Holy Shit" Primero Ejemplo: #1:Puta Madre!
#puta #madre #carrajo #mierda #perra by Carlokoz The Don December 01, 2005 puta madre unknown "puta" is Spanish's Castilian word for fuck and " madre " is a word in spanish used for mom and spanish in English's point of view "switches" the descriptive word.
The meaning is similar to the English "Yeah, right!" or "No way!" but a bit ruder.
A:No en serio, ojalas que nada se pasa.No more exams, ever!).Coño, carajo, coño, carajo, these can express surprise, anger or simply be used to give emphasis.Huevos, cojones, pelotas familiar, * very familiar, * vulgar, R plain rude, Lit.Nos han jodido con tantos impuestos They've screwed us with so many taxes.At times it's used in its proper sense, but more often as a very strong insult, especially if a family connection is made, in phrases that would translate as "son of a prostitute" or "your prostitute mother".The grammatically correct way of saying that would be "tu madre es una puta" and it would mean "your mother is a whore" puta" always has a derogative meaning.

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Of the prostitute mother Although it may sound contradictory, this is a praising expression meaning "very good" or "excellent".
Here are a few useful expressions, but don't be surprised if you hear testicles mentioned in other contexts!