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What does a la puta

What the hell are you doing here, you son of a bitch?
What is La Puta Que Te Pario?
You snap that fucking picture, sell it to the tabloids.Qué chingados es eso?!However I don't think any native Spanish speaker would use that particular construction to insult anybody.Yo Momma Because nothing gets a person fired up like insulting their mother in Spanish.Quiero participar en lo que haces, mala puta.Your mom is a whore Tu madre es una puta Ass / Dick / Cunt / Groin Spanish for cursing the body parts.If that's not your thing, feel free to move on to another page now.La próxima vez que veas un zombi nos haces una puta llamada, de acuerdo?No, haz que esa puta se vaya.Bollocks Tonta Cow shit Caquita de la vaquita I love your ass Me encanta tu culo Shit I've had bad luck!

madura y viejas putonas de la plata />

Take the photo, take the stupid photo and.
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Fuckin' bitch Pinche puta.Bitch / Whore / Slut / Cunt.If you are of age, I'd still like to note that this page does include some very strong profanity and extreme insults.Next Up Spanish Insults : Learn how to say PG-13 Spanish insults.Essential Spanish Learning Materials English/Spanish Dictionaries Spanish Phrase Books Beginner's Spanish Intermediate Spanish Advanced Spanish Comprehensive Spanish Spanish for Careers Spanish Learning Materials for Kids Spanish Vocabulary Builders Spanish Verbs Spanish Grammar Spanish Pronouns Prepositions Spanish Readers For the full selection, please visit our: Spanish.You're making me laugh, my American bitch.What is the meaning of cabron in English?

Toma la foto, haz la puta foto y vete.
My daughter said that she is a freakin' virgin, so do another damn test!