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What does the word punta mean in spanish

I fucked all those hotties.
Latin America plus the Spanish accent and version, there are many ways to express oneself in Spanish in the exactly same way.
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Me quedé en la contacto mujeres murcia puta calle.
(España) comentario, opinión to twist le saca punta a todo lo que digo she twists everything I say sacar punta a una observación una ínea humorística caracterizada por la sátira que siempre saca punta a las contradicciones de la política Sacar punta a la actualidad.The word puta means prostitute or whore in Spanish, but it has stronger connotations than the equivalent in English does.Puta by itself can be used as a curse to express frustration, anger, or surprise, much as damn, shit, or bloody hell are used in English (pick your phrase based on what part of the English-speaking world you are from).note that although both these expressions can be used among friends without causing offense, they are otherwise very vulgar and offensive.(Ive got no fucking/bloody idea!).Me encontré con una puta en la calle.Nose noun the part of anything which is like a nose in shape or position point noun the sharp end of anything point noun a piece of land that projects into the sea etc spike noun a hard, thin, pointed object (of wood, metal etc).It also combines to form some common and potentially offensive phrases, so its a word you must know if youre going to master Spanish.2-Porque olvidaste la cerveza, puta?Garifuna dance punta to celebrate the life of the dead!

Puta appears in a couple of very common imprecations or interjections of surprise or frustration which youll hear particularly from men, though women also use them.
Ha vuelto a ganar.
No me hizo ni puto caso.
Ex: -Tu puta madre, your fucking mother -Vos/tu/usted tenes/tienes/tiene una puta actitud.Tip noun the small or thin end, point or top of something toe noun the front part of a shoe, sock etc.There are also several common idioms using puta, in particular de puta madre, which can be both very positive or negative, as shown below.Intonation and context will make clear whether a positive or negative connotation is meant, as happens in English when we use such expressions.You have a fucking attitude.(to represent the various ways of using Spanish Vos/tu/usted you) -Puta!Also mujer busca chico en new york this word is used as "fuck" or "bitch" in Spain.